The Original Canary Islander Families

At eleven o'clock on the morning of March 9th, 1731, sixteen families (56 people) from the Canary Islands arrived at the Presidio of San Antonio de Bejar in the Province of Texas. By royal decree of the King of Spain, they founded La Villa de San Fernando (now the city of San Antonio) and established the first civil government.
That was the beginning of this settlement in the heart of Texas. Commemorative dates celebrated were: February 2nd, Feast of La Virgin de la Candelaria (patron saint), March 9th, the arrival of the original sixteen families from the Canary Islands, and August 1st, the establishment of the first civil government in Texas.

1.) Juan Leal GORAZ, age 54 years

Luisa Hernandez, wife, age 46 years
Jose Leal, son, age 22 years
Vicente Leal, son, age 18 years
Bernardo Leal, son, 13 years
Catarina Leal, daughter, age 16 years
2.) Juan CURBELO, age 50 years
Gracia Perdoma y Umpierres, wife, age 46 years
Jose Curbelo, son, age 20 years
Maria Ana Curbelo, daughter, age 18 years
Juana Curbelo, daughter, age 14 years
Maria Curbelo, daughter, age 13 years
Juan Francisco Curbelo, son, age 9 years
3.) Juan LEAL, Jr., age 30 years (eldest son of Juan Leal Goraz)
Gracia Acosta, age 30 years
Manuel Leal, son, age 12 years
Miguel Leal, son, age 10 years
Domingo Leal, son, age 7 years
Maria Leal, daughter, age 6 years
Pedro Leal, son, age 3 months
Jose Leal (son, died in Cuatitlan)
4.) Antonio DE LOS SANTOS, age 50 years
Isabel Rodriguez, wife, age 34 years
Miguel Santos, son, age 17 years
Ana Santos, daughter, age 15 years
Catarina Santos, daughter, age 12 years
Maria Santos, daughter, age 7 years
Josefa Santos, daughter, age 2 years
5.) Jose PADRON, age 22 years
Maria Francisca Sanaria or Zanabria, wife, age 20 years
6.) Manuel de NIZ, age 50 years
Sebastiana de la Pena, age 44 years
Josefa de Nis, daughter, age 19 years
7.) Salvador RODRIGUEZ, age 42 years
Maria Perez Cabrera, age 42 years
Patricio Rodriguez, son, age 15 years
8.) Juan CABRERA (died at Apa, on way to Cuatitlan)
Maria Rodriguez, widow, age 40 years
Jose Cabrera, son, age 15 years
Ana Cabrera, daughter, age 13 years
Marcos Cabrera, son, age 6 years
9.) Juan Rodriguez GRANADO (died in Veracruz)
Maria Robina Bethencourt Granado, widow, age 27 years
Pedro Rodriguez Granado, son, age 13 years
Josefa Rodriguez Granado, daughter, age 10 years
Paula Rodriguez Granado, daughter, age 8 years
Maria Rodriguez Granado, daughter, age 5 years
Manuel Francisco Rodriguez Granado, son, age 3 years
10.) Lucas DELGADO (died in Veracruz)
Maria Melian, widow, age 30 years
Juan Delgado, son, age 19 years
Francisco Delgado, son, age 16 years
Leonor Delgado, daughter, age 4 years
Domingo Delgado, son, age 2 years

Antonio Rodriguez, bachelor, age 18 years
Phelipe Perez, bachelor, age 20 years
Jose Perez, (brother to Phelipe)
Martin Lorenzo de Armas, bachelor, age 20 years
Ignacio Lorenzo de Armas (brother to Martin) age 24 years

At Cuautitlan the group was joined by two Canary Islanders who had independently come to the new world some time before seeking their fortune. They begged permission to marry Juana and Maria Curbelo, whom they had as sweethearts back in the Islands. Permission was granted and so Francisco Arocha and Vicente Alvarez joined the group on its way to Texas. Also while in Cuautitlan, Antonio Rodriguez, one of the bachelors, contracted to marry Josefa de Nis; Jose Leal, son Jual Leal Goraz, married Ana Santos, daughter of Antonio Santos; and Juan Delgado, son of Lucas Delgado, married Catrina Leal, the young daughter of Juan Leal Goraz.




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