Welcome to our Family Web site!   It is about a peoples ("pobladores") that came to the New World, settled in San Antonio  de Bexar, assimilated those that followed, and who today, with their descendents , occupy  these United States from the East Coast to the West Coast, from the Southern boundaries to the Canadian border.   This is our Story!

Definition of Poblar

1  Found a Town, Populate a  district, to People  
2  Fill , to Occupy  
3  Breed, to Procreate fast  

Some of the Family Names:

Acosta, Aguilar, Alverez, Anderson, Avituia, Bearden, Benavides, Brown, Butler, Callaway, Cantu, Carrillo, Chincarini, Clever, DeLeon, Flores,Gerrero, Gomez, Grundmann, Juarez, Lidell, Lopez, Martinez, Matta, Mencacci, Moerdyk, Morales, Orsini, Quinones, Quintero, Rodarte, Rodriguez, Stevens, Velasquez, Werner, Yenney and more added each month.

The Spanish nobility, unlike their European counterparts, was based almost entirely on military service. Very few eminent families came from medicine, law, commerce or the church. The great families of Spain fought their way to their rank. But the descendants of Spanish arms and titles differ from their European counterparts, in that they can be inherited through females. Also, illegitimacy is no bar to descendants of arms and titles. The great Spanish families believed that a family pedigree could be more damaged by misalliance then by illegitmacy


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